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Twisted Me

I am a twisted photographer.

Not really – My name is Brandon Snyder and I would like to think of myself as 2% off center.  I look at telling stories through my photography.  I love meeting new people, listening to who they are and trying to see life through their perspective- then convey that through imagery.

You may think this site is a little off, seeing motion graphics, photography, business, and stocks investing all on a photography site.  That’s just me – I love to be creative and build things including wealth, business, and photography but I didn’t want to manage multiple sites, so you get a little of everything on a photo site. Enjoy –

Fun fact about me – I have been blessed to create and by doing so I own multiple patents.  I’m writing at least another 4 more applications in 2013.  I love to learn and share what I have learned. I spend more time watching tutorials about investing, photography  and  motion graphics, than I do watching TV.

Other things about me.   I am extremely competitive in all aspects, sometimes that can be a bad thing.  But most of the time it has made me a better person.  I played a little college baseball when I attended Lubbock Christian University.

My family – I have been blessed with a beautiful wife Jennifer, or as I refer to her as “Jenny Lynn”, and she has blessed me with two incredible daughters.  Kyla, almost 8 years old, and Adalie, which is just 8 weeks old. My family and God is everything to me. I’m a follower of Christ and enjoy reading the Bible.

Well – That’s the broad stokes, give me a call and let’s talk about you for a while.




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