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Twisted Details

The details are pretty simple. In business no matter what they are, I am completely transparent in my transaction with customers. Sometimes that can be a little difficult but it’s the only way I do business. You know exactly where I stand, what you are getting, and how much it will cost. In the event that I’m off that day and you don’t like my shots, let me know and I guarantee my work.  If you don’t like the shots you won’t have to pay for anything.  

Cost: I try to work within everyone’s budget. This isn’t my full time job, which gives me the flexibility to reduce my rates when it’s needed.

Why I’m not a big fan of giving my customers digital images.  It’s not that I want you to spend thousands of dollars with me.  When someone takes my work that I spent hours to weeks making sure the colors are correct, the white balance is accurate to the scene and the photo captures the story in which I see it and a customer gets my work printed at a Walmart or Walgreen’s, and they don’t ensure the photo is correctly represented.  Then when you have guest in your home or family member see my work, it doesn’t represent me as a professional photographers.  I give almost all of my customers digital files, it’s just something you have to do in today’s time.  But my restriction are:  low resolution files, to small to print but large enough for you to put on social media sites and your phone.  If you want the high resolution then you will have to pay for them.

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